Morgan's Joy: Year 2

As we begin the 2nd year of Morgan's Joy we are so grateful. Grateful that so many people have purchased Morgan's Joy blankets enabling us to give generously to so many people. We have received messages and emails from recipients so thankful for their blankets. In this next year we would like to give even more. We are introducing two new blanket collections for purchase. We are so excited to unveil our "Bundle of Joy" and "Find Joy in the Journey " selections. These collections are off-shoots of the original Morgan's Joy blankets. While sharing bits of wisdom and encouragement these blankets are suitable for anyone. Although they do not contain the story of the inception of Morgan's Joy, the website is included and her story can be found Like the original Morgan's Joy blanket with each blanket purchased one will be gifted to someone needing comfort. Thank you so much for you continued support. When you share Joy you feel joy.